halloween origins

Where did Halloween come from?

You know Halloween is coming when you see stores start stocking candy and costumes. But where did this autumn holiday come from? Many people think it has religious origins, but that’s not quite right. Halloween actually has Celtic roots dating back to the festival of Samhain. Learn more about this spooky celebration and how it’s …

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title company

Title Company and what does it do?

The title company is responsible for securing information about the property that is being purchased. This includes the mortgage, deed, and any other documentation that will be needed to close on the property. The title company also provides legal descriptions of all of the property’s features, topography, and legal description. What is a title company? …

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home inspection

What is a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough examination of the property. The inspector will usually be a qualified person with experience in construction, engineering, or other related fields. The inspector will examine the property from top to bottom and make detailed notes about every aspect of its condition. This includes any problems found in the building’s …

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