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Halloween Decor Ideas

The scariest day of the year is here! While some of you may be donning spooky costumes and going to the most happening Halloween parties in town, others might be chilling at home, perhaps, watching a horror movie that is in sync with the spirit of the festival.

Haunt Your House — Both Indoors and Out

It’s that magical time of the year when — if you’ve got it — haunt it! From giving your front porch a slightly sinister seasonal makeover to transforming any room in your home with a frightening fix-up, keep reading for our most bewitching ideas for both indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations you can create.

Glowing Pumpkins For ‘Em Spooky Feels

Halloween is incomplete without giant, bright, orange-coloured, sumptuous fruits lying around in our humble abode. Yes, we are talking about pumpkins!.

Carving pumpkins and using them at the entrance is so passe. Instead, you can put fairy lights inside them and make them glow. What’s more? You can also transform it into a candy dispenser by filling it with candy. Rest assured, the trick-or-treaters will have a fun time finding the goodies.

Start With the Front Porch

Even if Halloween guests never enter your home — like trick-or-treaters — they’ll definitely see the front porch so give it a festive feel with a colorful rug, lanterns, mums, and piles of pumpkins. For a spooktastic finishing touch, we added a pair of gnarled faux trees that are wrapped in mini orange lights to cast a spell long after the witching hour.

Scary, Hanging Witch Hats

Running out of ideas to decorate your balcony? Fret not! One of the simplest ways to make your balcony look terrifying is hanging witch hats from the ceiling. Witch hats are inexpensive and are easily available on shopping websites. All you have to do is take battery-powered tea lights or an LED light stick and stick it inside the hat.

Take the hat, suspend it from the ceiling using a fishing line and voila! There you have it – floating, glowing witch hats! Your balcony will now easily be the scariest place in your house.

DIY Some Spooky Spiders

DIY Some Spooky Spiders

Easily craft these larger-than-life spiders with the kiddos for a fun Halloween craft you can tackle together. Inexpensive craft store materials and a little imagination are all you need to build these creepy Halloween props. Make your own with our instructions, below.

Regardless of what you think can win you the spookiest award, you can still go with the ideas above or create your own! Just remember to have fun with your family!

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